General mercenário



Amalric is a general of the Free Companions, a Nemedian mercenary army of considerable, and well-deserved, repute.

Big and with a shaggy mop and beard of golden, Amalric is often likened to a lion, a comparison he is quite fond of.


Serving in the Nemedian army, Amalric was trained as a soldier, and became a commander when his captain was killed in a skirmish. He has risen to become general of the Free Companions, a company that sees regular action across the continent.

He has fought in many campaigns across the Hyborian kingdoms, sold his services to king and queen alike, and swayed the course of many battles with his skill and his men’s loyal discipline.

Amalric is not overly cautious in battle, for fortune favors the bold. Amalric’s tenure as leader of the Free Companions has seen many victories, and he is a popular figure among the soldiers.


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